Q. How many years experience do you have selling real estate?

A. I, Adrian Veche, the owner of the business started my real estate career in 2003 in Adelaide, South Australia. After moving to Logan City in 2005, I worked for a number of franchises until I started NextGen Realty in 2011.


Q. How can you afford to charge a commission of only 1.8%+ GST?

A. We operate our business from home which enables us to significantly reduce our ongoing expenses.

Q. How can you operate your business out of home when traditionally agents operate out of an office?

A. Buyers search for properties on the internet and then simply attend open homes, alternatively they call or e-mail us to organise an inspection. When it comes to signing paperwork, we go to our sellers and buyers home which also makes the whole process easier for them. Having a physical office in this day and age is of no advantage.


Q. Why do you advertise properties on the internet and not print media as well?

A. In this day and age print media is no longer an effective way to advertise properties. People use the internet for everything these days, including looking up real estate, especially since most people have a smart phone, tablet or traditional computer, it’s a matter of convenience and value for money.


Q. How can you be open for business 365 days a year, 24/7?

A. Simple, for us real estate is more than a job or a career, it's a lifestyle because of the passion which we have for the industry. Sundays or public holidays are just another day for us.

Q. How can you sell real estate everywhere? Am I not better off using a local agent?

A. Being 100% independent, we do not have any restrictions on where we can operate. Over the years we have sold a variety of properties in a number of suburbs. Therefore it doesn't matter what property you have or where it is located, because the same process applies. Every agent has access to the same information on recent sales, market trends, facts and figures and a variety of statistics which enables us to achieve top dollar for all our sellers, irrespective of their properties' location.